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New can hardware now available

We now sell infra-red emitting cans for use with your own virtual graffiti setup. 100% designed and made in our UK workshop – regular + small sizes. Drop us an email to find out more.

Can detail

Assembled the kit is designed to fit snugly into the top of a pre-prepared aerosol can. It replaces the top part of the can and can be removed easily to replace the battery when needed.

'Regular' / 400ml sized can

'Small' / 150ml can

Each can is made + tested by us – discount is available for bulk orders, and we can arrange for shipping discount for low multiples. Each can sells for £60 plus shipping via express courier calculated based on your location.

Software developments

We were working with Matt Venn on a beta version of the FriiSpray software – designed to work with new can hardware. Check out the project on Github and take a look at our wiki. There’s some more info on the last developments here.

These developments are now on the back burner due to issues we had with the more complex hardware and software implementation – all code is available for you to hack yourself.


FriiSpray is a guerilla infra-red graffiti installation developed by the Jam Jar Collective. It uses a custom infra-red spray can, a projector, a Nintendo WiiMote, a computer and open source software.  The installation is a back projection on a screen or large pane of glass such as a shop front or large window and allows the user to digitally graffiti using the custom made spray can.

Here is a video of FriiSpray in action as part of an animation installation by Andy Sykes at the Leeds Light Night festival in 2009.

How it works.

It works by sending the position (x,y) and on/off signal from a infra-red LED (similar to those found in many TV remotes) mounted in a spray can to the infra-red camera in the front of the Nintendo Wiimote.  This signal is then transfered via bluetooth to a computer via Johnny Chung Lee’s Wiimote Whiteboard software to control the mouse pointer.  This in turn controls the paint spot in the friispray application. Simple.


The original intention was to recreate a clean form of digital graffiti where the user could virtually spray paint straight on to a window in the centre of town.  This was partly inspired by the work of the Graffiti Research Lab [GRL] who have created open source forms of expression such as LASER tagging and the LED throwies.  FriiSpray is free to download and use, the instructions for the 1st infra-red spraycan be found here.

We have since run workshops for various ages and also private party events giving people the chance to try their hand at virtual graffiti themselves.


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  • Patricio Brito


    I want to make a rear projection screen, but don’t know what is the best color for the screen? Would suggest black, gray or white to the wiimote recognize the IR Spray can?

    I would appreciate a feedback, and congratulations for your project “friispray”.

    Very well done… ;)

    Best regards from Portugal,
    Patrício Brito (aka dznpuro)

  • friispray

    Hi Patricio,

    Thanks for getting in touch. We regularly use a grey rear projection screen with material like this:

    We have also tried a white gauze material that is translucent – that worked quite well stretched over a home made wooden frame or against a piece of glass / window.

    We haven’t tried black yet – mainly because it wouldn’t show the projection up as well as the lighter colours.

    Good luck with your screen and let us know how you get on. Happy to help.

    the FriiSpray crew.

  • Patricio Brito

    Thank you for your help. I already built the spray can. Now I will start doing the rear projection screen.

    I will create an account on facebook to go sharing the evolution of my project…

    News briefly…

  • Craig Gilman

    I now have a 8ftx6ft Fastfold screen – Projector, Wiimote and whiteboard software… oh and FriiSpray… Ready to roll… looking forward to seeing the new version of friispray – using Matt Venn’s thing?

  • Patricio Brito


    This is for personal events. To play with friends of a local collective. Check the video with my first test. I change de interface a little!. I hope you don’t mind…

  • Patricio Brito


    Finally, the application is running, based on friispray. I’m just going to use in particular events with friends. The logo that I created only justifies the desire to give an image more appealing to the project. I made some alterations in the visual and functional interface, I hope you do not mind?

    So I want to share with you the video on the first test.

  • Patricio Brito


    Finally, the application is running, based on friispray. I’m just going to use in particular events with friends. The logo that I created only justifies the desire to give an image more appealing to the project. I made some alterations in the visual and functional interface, I hope you do not mind?

    So I want to share with you the video on the first test.

  • Patricio Brito


    you received via mail my new version based on the friispray? I send it two weeks ago!


  • Peter

    Hi Guys

    Great work. I’ve got things working on a whiteboard (not great because I chose the sunniest day of the year!).

    Now wanting to build myself a rear projection screen.

    I was a bit surprised when I ran the software that it didn’t maximise to my screen and had a different aspect ratio. What would you recommend as the aspect ratio for my screen?



  • Craig Gilman

    I actually found a flash graffiti swf file that does stencils with rotate, resize and several brush types and multiple backgrounds to choose from. There was no save option though. This would be awesome to add in to friispray! I’m not a coder – but I decompiled it and now have it as an FLA file with all the assets and actionscript intact. Should we meet up?

  • Barry walsh

    Hi, I’m in process of securing work as a youth worker doing graffiti workshops, in schools in Denmark. I have seen a digital wall in Bristol. The potential for your equipment is immense … Can you give me some info advice on what I should look into purchasing… I am a writer not a computer boffin, but can see the potential with students & improve techniques of all those that use it as well as a unique teaching resource for schools to promote… Any idea of costing & resources required would be greatly appreciated… Lets get this technology worldwide… Thanks Barry aka sorse…

  • Craig Gilman

    I found a really great multimedia designer doing some brilliant stuff with flash and graffiti type apps. He’s done a really nice stencil offering. Maybe he’d be willing to collaborate?

  • Mick Harland

    Just to let you know that we opened our first shopping mall youth dropin centre complete with a prototype “digitti” WALL –
    It is a massive success and all down to you guys and yor generosity.
    Will upload pics and video to our youtube channel – CramlingtonTV – soon
    Thanks again guys you have made a lot of young kids very happy.

  • Abhishek

    I would like to buy digital graffiti wall can you suggest me where should i buy it from or where would be the best place to buy


  • Abhishek

    i would like buy digital graffiti wall can u suggest me where to buy at best price and quality

  • Gallant

    I would like to order some infra-red emitting cans.
    What is your email to allow me to send you all the information ?

  • ivan

    How can I buy a Can?

  • Gary Jones

    Hi, I can’t seem to find your email address, as I would like to purchase some spraycans.


  • shiv mishra

    i require digital graffiti spray can.
    can you please help me out?

  • friispray


    our email address is

  • friispray

    Hi, please email us with your request to

  • friispray

    Hi Gary, please email us at for more details.

  • friispray

    Hi, please email for more information.

  • Thomas


    I’m very interested by your infra-red emitting. I wanted to know where and how can I Buy this product.

    I am french and i wanted to use your product to a project who calls Friispray.

    Thanks for advance to your response.

    I’m waiting this because i’m very excited to use it.

    See you.

  • Eli Mark

    Hi friispray ,
    I would rallyu like to purchase
    2 (For start) New can hardware
    regular + small size
    Can you please get in touch with me
    at the above E-mail.

  • friispray

    Hi Eli, we sent an email from – please let us know if you got it. Thanks!

  • friispray

    Hi Thomas, please see our email to you. Thanks!

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